Flirtzy Flopz
Handmade Sandals

Flirtzy Flopz women sandals are the sandal that everybody is looking for, as they are more comfortable than shoes and the sandal to have for 2013.  Hurry and catch the craze and start your collection today.

Flirtzy Flopz sandals has redesigned the world of fashion for sandals with the Italian styling, which are exclusively manufactured through our company.  You will not find anything on the market like them, as we are the Originators.  The Flirtzy Flopz are the only sandal that are truely just about one of a kind, as we manufacturer 55 different styles, designs and color patterns.  Be one of the first to catch this wave of success.   

Our Flirtyz Flopz summer beach handmade sandals for womens are brand new for 2013.   Flirtzy Flopz designer Flip Flop walking footwear are manufactured in black sandals, brown sandals, flat style sandals and made of cute comfortable rubber soles for ladies to enjoy whatever they are doing in them.  We sell our womens sandals wholesale all over the world, so catch the hottest craze in womens accessories.